Matrox Firmware Update Utility -- Readme File

Product: Matrox C900

Firmware version: 1.25.014 or later

Date: 2017.10.10


Included with this document is software to update the firmware of your Matrox C900 hardware.

This document assumes you're familiar with the basics of the operating system you're using. For more information on how to use your operating system, see its documentation or your system manual.

Before you begin

Updating your Matrox C900 hardware

Note: This updates the firmware for all the Matrox C900 graphics cards installed in your system.

To update the firmware for your C900 hardware:

  1. Download the firmware update for your Matrox product from the Matrox web site.
  2. Run the executable file for the Matrox C900 Firmware Update Utility.
  3. When prompted, select the path to the location you want to extract the files to, then click OK. The Update Utility will automatically launch after the files are extracted. (By default, the files are extracted to a folder on drive "C:\Matrox\".)
  4. To update your firmware, follow the on-screen instructions. Don't restart, turn off, or disconnect your system while your product is being updated.